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Globe Roof Inspections Program provides an unbiased expert assessment, including standardized electronic reports with digital color photos, diagrams, and repair estimates. GRIP reports will assist Insurance Companies and Independent Insurance Adjusters in determining if there is physical damage on the roof. All this is available online from our GRIP website. For more answers see our Adjuster FAQs

Dear Prospective Customer,

This is one offer you are going to want to read and respond to! Imagine, initiating a roof inspection anywhere in the United States from the safety of your desk , and having the final report back in approximately five (5) business days! Or scheduling a Ladder Assist (1) or a Ladder Assist Plus (2) and have it scheduled within the first 24-48 hours. Yes, it is that fast, simple. GRIP's web based online reporting system offers you a management view of open and closed inspection assignments and the ability to communicate securely and easily with GRIP's system.

Every GRIP inspection report provides a standard format, accurate, and unbiased expert assessment. Every report includes all pertinent data, complete with roof diagrams, color digital photographs, and an appraisal of damages. GRIP offers our network of GRI's (GRIP Roof Inspectors), a field based form template which can be easily input into our Web based program at their home office or accessed in the field on a laptop or tablet with wireless connectivity, allowing them most efficient use of the GRI's time. Every year we strive to continue to feature improvements to our program. Offering our customers the best quality and value from the safety of your desk!

The program is simple; you log into GRIP and submit a new assignment request form, for any one of our services, from a simple Ladder Assist to a complete GRIP Inspection with report. A GRIP facilitator reviews the new assignment request, and then assigns it to a GRI. For a Ladder Assist, GRIP will acknowledge the request and have a GRI call you directly to schedule the date, time and verify the assignment location, as well as provide emergency contact information as a precaution. If the assignment is for a full GRIP Inspection Report, the GRIP facilitator will call your insured/home owner and the system generates an acknowledgement back to you that the new assignment has been confirmed and in process. The GRI will call your insured/home owner as required and schedule an appointment and verify inspection location address to minimize any chance of inspecting the wrong address. In many cases the insured/home owner will give GRIP permission to inspect anytime without the need for them to be present. Generally, we will have the inspection completed, the report generated, reviewed, processed and available to you in the GRIP system within five (5) business days, weather permitting. GRIP will generate an invoice at that time. (If a CAT is in effect for the location requested this time frame may be extended.)

The GRIP system provides you with a listing of all open assignments and a list of all assignments completed within a 30 day period. Within the system you can send the GRIP facilitator alerts (messages or comments) and they will respond back to you the same way. Sounds too simple! It is! Go to www.gripinspections.com and review all the details of the program including the Customer Fee Schedule.

Are you ready to get started? Then click on "Enroll Me Now". You will be required to complete the enrollment application and provide GRIP with all the required information including your requested password. Then review and agree to our Terms and Conditions, print for them for your records and click NEXT.

Upon review of your application and acceptance you will be notified by GRIP. Once accepted, you can log in to the GRIP System Login using the User Name you provided (your email address) and the Password (lower case only, 6 or more characters with any combination of alpha numeric or symbols) will be the same as you provided in the Enrollment Form.

Next, all you have to do is log into the www.gripinspections.com, click on "GRIP System Login" and enter in any new inspection assignments and from time to time review your GRIP activity for reports, comments and alerts. If at any time you have any questions regarding this new and unique opportunity please call GRIP at 877.99.45623 (GLOBE) or email us at grip@gripinspections.com, and your facilitator will be glad to assist you.

The team at GRIP (Globe Roof Inspection Program) welcome's you and your company to join our service at no cost other than the inspection fee for each assignment. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!

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