Have you recently been contacted by GRIP?

GRIP is a Roof Inspection and Ladder Assist program designed to provide unbiased roof inspections for the Insurance Industry. If you have been contacted by a GRIP administrator, or your Adjuster has informed you that GRIP has been hired to look at your roof, here is what you can expect during GRIP's inspection process:

  • A GRIP administrator will make a courtesy phone call, to the policy holder, to inform them that GRIP has been assigned by their insurance claims adjuster to perform an exterior roof inspection. GRIP will confirm the address, phone number, number of stories of the home (roof height from the ground) and if there is a tarp currently installed on the roof.

  • Once a GRIP Administrator has assigned a GRIP Roof Inspector (GRI) that is local to the loss/claim address, the GRI will call the policy holder to set the date and time they will perform the inspection.

  • The on-site inspector will inspect the roof, measure and diagram, take detailed photographs of the condition and note any storm damage, wear and tear, and/or workmanship issues.

  • Upon completion of the on-site inspection the GRI will leave behind an On-site Inspection Notification letter and a business card to inform the policy holder that the inspection has been performed on the date scheduled. .

  • All findings and assessments noted can NOT be discussed with the policy holder as it is subject to GRIP's final approval process is the property of the insurance company. GRIP will NOT be able to submit the report directly to the policy holder. A copy of the GRIP report should be available from the insurance company adjuster upon request.

  • The GRI who performed the inspection on your roof is a Licensed and Insured roofer and may be available to handle the repairs.