Insurance Adjusters

Globe Roof Inspections Program provides an unbiased expert assessment, including standardized electronic reports with digital color photos, diagrams, and repair estimates. GRIP reports will assist Insurance Companies and Independent Insurance Adjusters in determining if there is physical damage on the roof. All this is available online from our GRIP website. For more answers see our Adjuster FAQs

Who performs the inspections/ladder assists?

GRIP has a nationwide network of over 1000 licensed and insured GRI's (Grip Roof Inspectors) that are used to perform these services. Our inspectors are Contractor's and Roofers by trade. GRIP then trains them on how to perform an inspection or ladder assist that meets our standards of quality.

What is the difference between a Ladder Assist and a full Roof Inspection?

Click here to see the specifics of our services. For a full roof inspection, the Adjuster does not need to be present. Upon receiving a new assignment, GRIP will utilize its network to dispatch a GRI to the insured's home. From there, the Inspector will walk the roof, measure, draw a diagram, take photos, assess damage and supply a scope/estimate of repair. For a Ladder Assist, the Adjuster will be present. A GRI will meet the adjuster with an appropriately sized ladder. The Roofer will safely foot the ladder and offer any insight the Adjuster may need to help with the claim.

What is your turnaround time?

GRIP boasts a 7-10 day turnaround time from the time a new assignment is submitted to GRIP. In that time the Policy Holder will be notified by GRIP, we will call to confirm that we have the correct address to inspect and let them know the name of the GRI we're dispatching. Then the GRI will call the Policy Holder to coordinate an appointment. The GRI will inspect and upload his findings via GRIP's innovative online system. The findings are then reviewed in house by a GRIP Administrator. Finally a PDF report is sent back to the Adjuster. Although we promise a 7-10 day turnaround, we find that most reports are complete within 3-6 days.

Will GRIP perform the work?

GRIP is in the business of supplying the Insurance Industry with unbiased inspection reports; therefore GRIP itself will not perform the work. However, the GRI used to perform the inspection is licensed and insured and can be hired by the Policy Holder after the claim is settled.

What if the roof is tarped or needs to be tarped?

Upon inspecting the roof, the GRI is trained to remove and reset any present tarps to properly inspect. They will make sure the tarp is left in the same condition it was found prior to inspecting. GRIP inspectors cannot supply new tarps or perform board-ups. They are there to perform an unbiased roof inspection only and cannot perform any labor when inspecting.

How can I submit an assignment?

Assigning GRIP an inspection is simple; they can be placed by phone or email. The preferred method is through GRIP's online system. Each adjuster will be supplied their own unique login which will bring them to their own personal portal within the GRIP system. This user-friendly page will help you manage and organize your existing claims with us, and of course there is an option to submit a new assignment.

Does GRIP provide an Estimate of repairs?

When submitting a new assignment the adjuster has a few options regarding the estimate.

  • No Scope or Estimate (The GRIP report will only show photos, measurements and cause of loss)
  • Line Item Scope of Repair (GRIP will provide a Line Item Scope of repair sans pricing)
  • Line Item Estimate of repair (GRIP will provide a line item scope of repair with Xactimate pricing)
  • Local Contractor's Estimate of repair (GRIP will provide a Line Item Scope with pricing provided by the roofer that inspected)

What if the report is confusing or I have questions on it?

GRIP administrators are always available to discuss the report. Simply give us a call and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss specifics with you.

How do I get the report?

Once the roof is inspected the GRI will upload their findings, a GRIP Administrator will review it for content. When the report is complete the Admin will "Final Approve" it, upon which you are notified via email that the report is ready. Then you will log into the GRIP system where it will await you.

What areas are serviced by GRIP?

GRIP has a large network of roofers that can perform inspections anywhere within the continental U.S.